Merrimack College Welcome Center

Merrimack College Welcome Center Andover, MA Import fill and grade site for improved drainage Installation of new utilities including water, sewer, and drainage New asphalt sidewalks and vertical granite curb New Welcome Center building within active campus

Merrimack College Parking Lot Improvements

Merrimack College Parking Lot Improvements North Andover, MA 3,000 LF curb and 8,500 SF of Sidewalks Bio-retention drainage swale with underdrain system New 11,000 SY Parking lot New site lighting and existing utility relocations Removal and replacement of drainage system on active campus

Merrimack College Dormitories

Merrimack College Dormitories Andover/North Andover, MA 4 new dormitories and 1 new commons building New development within active campus New water, sewer, drain and electrical utilities Relocation of sewer and drain mains offsite Temporary and permanent roadway relocation

Phillips Academy Boathouse

Phillips Academy Boathouse Methuen, MA New gravel parking lot New onsite drainage system New parking lot paving New utility services to existing building

Fay School

Fay School Southborough, MA 2 new dormitory buildings 50 acre campus Extensive site and utility improvements Includes work on 3 contracts over 2 years New maintenance building New primary school building New wastewater treatment facility

Brookwood School

Brookwood School Beverly, MA 1,000 linear feet of 8″ ductile iron water main Misc repairs on site

Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School Wellesley, MA 38,000 square foot addition 5,000 square yards paving Sewer service Water service

Tufts University Joyce Cummings Center

Tufts University Joyce Cummings Center Client: PROCON LLC | Medford, MA All new underground utilities including water, sewer, drain, electric, and communications Drilled micro-pile excavation support for deep excavations New 7-Story Building on Active Campus Removal and disposal of regulated soils