About J. Masterson


Masterson Construction was founded in 1981, and over the ensuing years, we have experienced continuous growth for two compelling reasons: customer satisfaction and the retention of quality employees. These two keys to success are well-known to any business owner, yet they are also recognized as the most challenging to achieve.

Fulfilling customer satisfaction demands completing projects on time and within budget, while effectively managing the dynamic circumstances inherent in every construction project. Retaining employees necessitates fairness, generous compensation and benefits, and a corporate structure that fosters the view of work as a career rather than just a job.

We proudly boast clients who have been with us since our inception, and our employees, on average, stay with us for over nine years. Furthermore, seven employees have dedicated more than two decades to our company. This wealth of experience and stability forms the foundation of our success.

Mission Statement

J. Masterson Construction is dedicated to providing high quality site and utility construction services while valuing the importance of relationships with employees, clients, and vendors.


As one of the largest non-union site and utility contractors in Eastern Massachusetts, J. Masterson Construction is capable of handling any size project including site development, utility installation, roadway construction and environmental services.


With over 75 employees and 200 pieces of equipment, J. Masterson Construction is capable of completing complex projects but also welcomes small projects.


J. Masterson Construction Corporation is a full service, bondable, site development contractor that has been providing dependable quality service for over 38 years.