Aldershot Estates

Aldershot Estates West Boxford, MA 7 residential lots Underground fire tank 1,450 linear feet of road

Pine Hill Crossing

Pine Hill Crossing Client: TR Advisors | Bedford, MA 2,500 cubic yards of cuts and fills Changes and upgrades to active sewer system 10 modular block retaining walls and 1 drainage basin New paving, curbing, sidewalk and hardscape improvements 17 new single family homes in existing development with new utility services

Strongwater Crossing Phase 4

Strongwater Crossing Phase 4 Client: DiBiase Homes | Salem, MA 2,200 linear feet of road 35 single family house lots 35 single family house lots 20,000 cubic yards of blasting 22,000 cubic yards of cut and fill 15,000 cubic yards of rock crushing

Ames Meadow

Ames Meadow Groton, MA 38 residential house lots 5,200 linear feet of roadway 4,000 linear feet of water main Typical drainage with 5 detention ponds 650 linear feet of Versa-Lok retaining wall

Andrews Farm

Andrews Farm Boxford, MA 40 residential lots 1,600 linear of drain 2,000 linear feet of road 1,800 linear feet of water

Ardmore Drive Extension

Ardmore Drive Extension Danvers, MA 3 new residential house lots 10,000 cubic yards of fill exported from the site Extension of existing subdivision with new cul-de-sac 3,000 square foot two-tiered concrete block retaining wall

Baldpate Pond

Baldpate Pond Danvers, MA 86 residential house lots 8,800 linear feet of roadway 36 linear foot 15′ x 5′ box culvert Three 20,000 gallon fire protection fire tanks

Blueberry Lane

Blueberry Lane Topsfield, MA 6 residential lots 300 linear feet of drain pipe 600 linear feet of road extension 20,000 gallon underground fire tank

Broadmeadow Road

Broadmeadow Road Groton, MA 3 fire hydrants 8 water services 1,350 linear feet of 8″ ductile iron water main

Campbell Forest

Campbell Forest North Andover, MA 30 residential lots 4,000 linear feet of drain 5,000 linear feet of road 5,000 linear feet of water 4,500 linear feet of sewer