HCD Parcels 8 & 9

HCD Parcels 8 & 9 Client: Keith Construction | Lowell, MA 3,500 cubic yard import site with ground improvements and SOE support Hardscape improvements including sidewalks, curbing, lighting and landscaping Modifications to existing sluiceways to remain below proposed buildings New water, sewer, drainage, electric, communications, site lighting and gas utility improvements Two new mixed-use buildings […]

West Village

West Village Wenham, MA 1200 linear feet of road 20 townhouses Large shared septic system Off site water extension

Van Brodie Mills

Van Brodie Mills Lawrence, MA 6,000 SY of parking lot and roadway paving, sidewalks, and curb Handling and disposal of contaminated soils Installation of new underground utilities including water, sewer, drain Renovation of existing mill buildings

Exchange Street

Exchange Street Malden, MA 210 apartments in 2 six story buildings with ground floor parking 8,000 cubic yard export New paving, curbing and sidewalks New site utilities

Malden Mills

Malden Mills Lawrence, MA Demolish portions of existing buildings Interior excavation for building improvements New parking lot to include drainage, pavement and curbing New water, sewer, electric and gas utilities

Boott Mills

Boott Mills Lowell, MA 10,600 square yard new of parking lot All new utility services and sewer pump station Demolish existing building Prepare for 28,000 square foot of new building

Chelmsford Woods

Chelmsford Woods Chelmsford, MA 1,900 lineal feet of new offsite water main 3 new residential buildings 6,000 cubic yards of export Large underground drainage system New site utilities, paving, curbing and sidewalks

Coachman’s Ridge

Coachman’s Ridge Andover, MA 1,300 linear feet of sewer pipe 15,000 cubic yards of fill imported 2,000 linear feet of drain pipe 2,400 square feet of boulder retaining walls 3,300 linear feet of curbing 6,000 square yards of paving 80 units in 3 buildings 950 linear feet of water pipe

Conifer Hills

Conifer Hills Danvers, MA 20,000 cubic yards of fill export 90 Apartments in 6 buildings New utilities and parking lots Offsite utility extension for water and sewer


Baystone Revere, MA 17,500 cubic yards of exported material 5-Story Residential Building with underground parking Dewatering for excavation of foundations below sea-level New drainage including infiltration and pump systems New pervious pavement driveway, retaining walls, and granite curbing Relocation of existing sewer main using temporary bypass